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Linux Managed VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) uses virtualization technology to divide a server into multiple virtual servers. This ensures that a single server gains the capability to function as multiple separate servers. Each of these separate servers acts like a private server, enabling its user to install his own software and Operating System. A Virtual Private Server emulates the environment of a Dedicated Server on a single Shared Server. The files of one user on a VPS are separated from the files of the other users on the OS level. This makes a VPS a truly private server that is reserved for your exclusive use, ensuring proper data security and delivering guaranteed, Dedicated Server resources that are not shared.

As an experienced service provider, we are well aware of the time-consuming tasks that are involved in managing a server, as well as the technical expertise that is needed for it. That’s where availing a Managed VPS comes to your aid.

When you choose our Linux Managed VPS, we, as your experienced service provider, manage and maintain the server. All core upgrades, software installations, and server management and maintenance are handled by us. Our experienced staff professionally administers our Linux Managed Virtual Private Servers to ensure smooth operation and high performance.

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24/7 Expert Support

We prioritize providing fast and seamless hosting. Our team of experts works round the clock to provide prompt technical assistance, so that your site is up and running 24*7.

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An Ideal Option for

In a Managed VPS, server management and server maintenance are thoroughly taken care of by the service provider. Our affordably priced Linux Managed VPS are effectively managed by our expert team of technical professionals, who have extensive experience in managing servers. This keeps your Linux Managed VPS secure at all times and ensures the uninterrupted functioning of your server so that it continues to deliver powerful performance.

Managed VPS is the best option for-
  • Businesses that lack adequate resources for server management
  • Those with time constraints for ensuring server management
  • Businesses that lack an in-house team for managing servers
  • Businesses fully focussed on managing their core processes
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Why Choose a Managed VPS?

Don’t want to spend your valuable time and resources on managing your Virtual Private Server? Let us, your well-experienced and technically adept service provider, handle all the elaborate technical details that are part and parcel of server management, its security, and its proper maintenance. Our team of experts specializes in managing servers and ensures that your Linux Managed VPS is always well-equipped with all the core updates, software installations, etc. to deliver peak performance. Powerful performance, high uptime, fast speed, dedicated resources, expert technical support that is available round the clock, efficiently managed VPS… Our Linux Managed VPS offers all this and more at discounted prices!

Benefits of Managed VPS:
  • Efficiently managed by the service provider
  • Saves your time, effort and resources needed for server management
  • Dedicated resources
  • Enhanced performance
  • Ability to reboot the server from the panel
  • Load graphs and historical memory can be viewed on the panel

Make an Excellent Choice

Avail our affordably priced Linux Managed VPS and reap the benefits of dedicated resources, powerful performance, high uptime, fast speed, enhanced security, 24*7 customer care service, and most importantly a server that is fully and efficiently managed by our team of technical experts. You can focus on your core business processes while we take care of the technical aspects involved in the effective management and maintenance of your server to ensure that it is always up and running securely at high speed, delivering outstanding performance.

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24*7 Customer Support
Reliable Hosting Service
Totally Secure
Up to 99.95% Uptime
Solid State Drives (SSD)
Custom Control Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a VPS?

As you place order through HTS Hosting, process will start and you will receive login credentials. We are constantly working in providing best VPS Server price in India.

Can your help in managing data on VPS?

If you choose Managed Linux VPS Hosting, HTS will give full technical support to set up and maintain your data on the VPS Server.

How can I learn about and get started with VPS?

We are always working to give our clients with dependable services. To learn more about our VPS plans, please visit our Knowledgebase section or contact us at

To get started, call us at 1800-123-8156

Can I migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting?

With HTS Hosting, you can effortlessly migrate from any of your current plans to VPS Hosting.

Do you offer hosting support?

With HTS Hosting, you receive every sort of hosting support, especially with managed VPS Hosting, where all website maintenance is handled by our professional experts.

Can I expand my current storage capacity?

Yes, you may add more storage to your existing hosting plans at an additional costs. To learn more about the storage capacity please contact our customer service staff.

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