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What Is Web Hosting?

Let us start with the basics and understand the concept of web hosting before we proceed to choose the right website host for your website to be incessantly up and running.

Any website that we visit online is made of many files that need to be stored on a server. This server needs to be robust enough to host all the files of the particular website and make those accessible at fast speeds and uninterruptedly to all the visitors that visit the website.

Owning, managing and maintaining such a powerful server is not a commercially viable option for most of the website owners. This is where website hosting service providers which are also called web hosts enter the scene. Web hosts rent server space on their web servers to website owners. They also provide the technologies and services that are essential to host and keep the website up and running efficiently, safely and incessantly. Every website we visit is hosted on some server, somewhere. Whenever anyone searches on the Internet for your domain name, they are directed to your website which is hosted on a particular server. Depending on the type of server, Web hosting can be of many types but the 4 main types of it are- Shared, Dedicated, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Cloud. Apart from this there is also Reseller Hosting.

Web hosts own a large number of servers that are robust enough to ensure that the files that make up a website are available consistently at the fastest speed, for viewing online. They have experience and expertise in hosting successfully innumerable websites and ensuring their constant safety. So, it is the wisest and the safest decision to let these experts take care of all the hosting requirements of your website, keep it accessible at lightning fast speed at all times and keep it safe from cyber threats.

Here it needs to be mentioned that HTS Hosting, which is globally popular as the Best Website Hosting Company, provides Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Reseller forms of hosting at very affordable prices to fulfil your web hosting requirements. HTS Hosting’s commitment to deliver outstanding service at affordable prices has ensured its reputation as the Best web hosting company.

Affordably Priced, Performance-Driven, Fully Secure Web Hosting!

Is that your end goal for your website? Then your search comes to a successful conclusion with the outstanding web hosting services of HTS Hosting. HTS Hosting is committed to delivering the best, fastest, safest and uninterrupted service to its diverse spectrum of clients from all over the world.

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Importance of a Professional Web Host

Buying a domain name is the starting point of the journey of making your website accessible to the entire world. To ensure that it can be accessed securely at fast speed as well as maximize its performance and keep it running efficiently with a high uptime, it is essential to host your website with a reliable and reputed website hosting company. Web hosts offer a wide variety of web hosting plans to cater to the different requirements and budgets of their clients. A professional web host has the technical expertise to provide the most seamless web hosting experience.

Through your website you reach out globally to an inexhaustible stream of people who might very well be the next customer of your ideas, products or services. Your website serves as a means of contact and engagement between you and those that visit your website. Hence, it is crucial for it to remain up and running seamlessly.

Your web host not only renders your site accessible online but also keeps it up and running uninterruptedly. Every professional web hosting service provider has a team of technical experts that specializes in managing and running the web servers efficiently and securely. These experts resolve any technical issue as soon as it arises and take care of all the backend concerns including the maintenance and repair of the servers, which can be a hassle. A web host will have a dedicated customer care service team, working round the clock to address all your concerns. A professional web hosting service not only employs proper security measures as your website’s safety is its top priority but also ensures top-notch performance of the site at the fastest speed.

Hence, you need a highly reputed website hosting provider that will host your site safely at an affordable price and ensure its fastest accessibility and enhanced performance.

Few Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting the Best Website Hosting Provider

1. Choosing a free web host : Many a time companies provide free web hosting to attract new customers or to increase their customer base. There are chances that free hosting companies can put third party advertisement on your website that will definitely be annoying for those that visit your site. It can even affect the loading speed of your website. When choosing a free web host you have to choose from their existing templates. This restricts you as you can’t select a unique theme for your website. It is the theme that serves as an identity of a website. So this is of vital importance. Apart from this, such hosting is not given priority by the search engine. All your efforts will go in vain of owning a website if your website is not easily searchable. So it is advisable to not go for such a service.

2. Choosing a no refund guarantee web hosting package: While choosing your web host always opt for a service provider that offers a free trial or a refund guarantee. This turns out to be important in situations where you realise that you are not satisfied with the hosting service. A professional and reputed hosting provider will either provide a free trial or a refund guarantee or both. This clearly reflects the web host’s confidence in the quality of the service that it is offering. A professional web hosting company will provide a wide range of hosting packages to meet various hosting needs, along with either a free trial or a refund guarantee. That is because it is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Ignoring security : Often in the process of trying to find a low-priced web hosting service, one neglects the security part, which is very crucial to the sound functioning of any website. In this day and age hackers are always ready to exploit security vulnerabilities in order to gain access to the server and steal valuable data. Hence, the security of hosting service should not be taken lightly. Else, the consequences could be grave. Some deployments, particularly those that involve conducting monetary transactions, are heavily regulated and have strict security requirements which need to be taken care of. Even if you are hosting a personal blog, you shouldn’t ignore the security aspect of web hosting.

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Which Web Hosting Company Can Be Your Ideal Fit?

Have you made up your mind to let a professional service ensure the successful running of your website? Before you zero in on any of the many web hosts in the market, make sure your chosen company is a reliable service provider by ensuring it has -

  • A guaranteed high uptime.
  • 24*7 customer care.
  • A strong reputation in the industry.
  • A variety of plans to suit different budgets.
  • An intuitive account interface.
  • A robust security system.
  • High speed for better site performance.
  • Scalability.
  • Backup services.
  • Bonus features.

In a nutshell, it should provide efficient service with fast connectivity, high uptime, high security and 24*7 customer care with plans to cater to various budgets.

Why Choose HTS Hosting?

HTS Hosting is a globally renowned web hosting company that specializes in offering reliable and low-cost website hosting services. It offers an efficient, feature-rich and affordable range of plans for Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) as well as Reseller Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

HTS Hosting’s expert professional web hosting delivers seamless service, phenomenal performance, round-the-clock technical support and much more through its wide range of affordably priced plans to fulfil all your hosting needs. All the plans offer high uptime, powerful security and incredibly fast speed. The ever-growing number of clients that vouch for the top-notch quality of service provided by HTS Hosting, has ensured its popularity as the Best Hosting Company.

We, at HTS, make sure to provide you the best hosting plan to meet your requirements. We guide you to pick the right plan for your hosting needs from the various packages we offer. We ensure your website is running stably and is accessible without any interruption. HTS Hosting is committed to ensuring the safety of your data and maintains the most stringent safety measures so that there is no data loss under any circumstance.

Outstanding customer care is the hallmark of all big brands in the service sector. HTS Hosting’s customer care service delivers prompt, proficient assistance on all hosting related issues to exceed your expectations in delivering an exceptional level of technical support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though just buying the domain name is enough to make the website live for the entire world, but the domain name is actually the website's name and to recall that quickly, we need a website hosting companies.

In a nutshell, the term ‘web host’ refers to a web hosting company, whereas 'web hosting' is the service that is provided by a web hosting company. The service of web hosting is needed to ensure that websites are always up and running uninterruptedly. This service needs to be provided by a professional service provider, known as a web host.

There are many types of web hosting services, such as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

cPanel is a popular Linux-based control panel for web hosting that offers a graphical interface and automation tools for simplifying the process of website hosting for the website owner.

Any Professional web hosting company that is renowned globally will always deliver top-notch quality of service and performance at very affordable prices through its wide range of web hosting plans. Some of the essential features of such plans are providing high uptime, fast speed, powerful performance, robust security, data backup facility, 24*7 technical support, and discounted prices on plans that are full of features to deliver seamless web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting is one of the web hosting services, wherein multiple sites are hosted on a single server. In this type of web hosting, the space on a server as well as its resources are shared among all the sites that are hosted on the same server. This allocation of shared server resources will depend on the individual Shared Hosting plan of the user.

Linux is a free, open-source allocation of OS software built around the Linux Kernel. Linux tends to give fewer access permissions, so it is very seldom infected with malware such as viruses, worms etc. In Linux, IP tables are used to strengthen the system's security loop.

The main factors that you should not overlook before opting for any web hosting service are your website’s specific hosting requirements, your budget and the reputability of your service provider. Apart from these important considerations, you need to look for feature-rich web hosting plans that deliver high uptime, fast page loads and secure service, along with 24*7 technical support.

The most important factor that needs to be taken into account is the hosting requirement of your website. Such a web hosting solution and plan needs to be chosen that is fully-equipped with all the features that can cater effectively to the hosting requirements of your site. If you do not choose a website hosting plan based on your site’s hosting requirements, then that plan might not turn out to be effective or you might end up choosing a plan that is expensive and not required for your specific hosting requirements. Hence, it is extremely important to choose a plan that has been designed to serve your hosting needs.

In this regard, 24*7 availability of expert customer service, which is offered by HTS Hosting, proves to be especially helpful, as it provides you the necessary assistance in choosing a hosting plan that is a perfect match for your web hosting requirements and your budget. The same service later resolves your hosting related issues swiftly. Here, it needs to be mentioned that HTS Hosting, which is popularly regarded as the best website hosting company, offers all types of web hosting services for a wide range of hosting requirements and budgets.

HTS Hosting is not only famous as the best web hosting company but also as the most preferred and the most trusted service provider that offers hosting plans for Linux and Windows at massively discounted prices. Every web hosting plan offered by HTS Hosting is full of features and offers unrivalled speed, high uptime, peak site performance, seamless site availability, powerful security, round-the-clock customer support and much more, at the most affordable prices.

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