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In today’s technology-driven world, one often comes across the term “server”. What is a server? A server is either a computer hardware or a computer program, which is meant for providing functionality (resources, data, services, programs), over a network, to clients which are other devices or programs. This is attained through the client-server model, which is a distribution application structure. Communication sessions are initiated by clients (devices, programs) with servers. These servers await the incoming requests from the clients. Usually this communication between the clients and the servers happens over a computer network, on separate hardware.

But it is possible for both, the client and the server, to reside on the same system. One or multiple server programs are run by a server host. These share their resources with the clients. On the other hand, a client doesn’t usually share its resources. Content or service is requested by a client from a server. It is possible for a single client to use multiple servers and for multiple clients to use a single server.

Servers can be of many types, such as mail servers, application servers, file servers, game servers, database servers, print servers, web servers, etc. It is a web server that is used for web hosting purposes. In a nutshell, in every situation where a computer shares resources with client machines, it is referred to as a server.

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Web Servers

A web server is a type of server that is used in web hosting by web hosting companies. Web servers can be either hardware or software, or a combination of both of these working in tandem.

Referring to a web server that is a hardware, it connects to the Internet and stores websites’ component files as well as the web server software. It ensures physical data exchange with devices that are connected to the Internet. With regard to a server that is a software, several parts are included in such a web server. These parts control the way in which hosted files are accessed by web users.How are web pages made accessible? Have you ever wondered about it? Let us run you through the process, in brief. First and foremost, the files of a website, which include HTML documents and the related assets such as images, fonts, videos, JavaScript files, CSS stylesheets, need to be stored on a web server.

This web server is provided by a certain web hosting company and space on it can be availed through various web hosting plans that cater to different hosting requirements and budgets. Now let us understand how we can access web content over the Internet.

In order to fetch a web page, a request is sent for the same by your browser to a particular web server that hosts that web page. The web server receives the request and subsequently searches for the requested web content in its storage. Once the file containing the requested web content is located, the web server reads and processes it based on the requirement. Then it is sent to the browser.

It is extremely important to choose a professional and well-reputed hosting service provider that is well-equipped with effectively configured web servers that deliver an outstanding quality of web hosting, where your site is always safely accessible at high speed, and it is up and running seamlessly.

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We have substantial experience of successfully delivering superlative web hosting experience through our powerfully configured web servers. Our servers for hosting as well as our Dedicated Servers and the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that we provide are highly sought-after globally owing to the efficient, reliable, and totally stable performance that these deliver without any interruption and at the most affordable prices.

All our servers are thoroughly capable of providing high uptime constantly and are performance-driven.

When your websites are hosted on our servers, these are always up and running and are accessible seamlessly. Additionally, your web pages load with remarkably great speed. This aids in enhancing the user experience of your site. At HTS Hosting, special emphasis is paid to ensuring that all our servers are completely secure and function effectively. We have a team of technical experts that works proactively, round the clock, to keep our servers fully secure. Maintaining the security of your data is our priority along with ensuring that you experience top-notch quality of service.

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Solid State Drives (SSDs), which are well-known for improving performance, are used by all our servers. Guaranteed powerful performance, high uptime, high availability, fast speed, robust security, and much more are offered by our servers at prices that can be easily afforded through a wide range of plans that cater to every requirement and budget. Additionally, our technical support team is available 24*7 to address your concerns and quickly resolve them, so that your servers never come to a halt and keep functioning seamlessly.

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Make a Perfect Choice

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