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Opt for HTS, the leading provider of IPv4 address leasing services, to enhance the flexibility of your network. Unlock the complete potential of uninterrupted connectivity through our swift and budget-friendly solutions.


IP Leasing Service at HTS

Whether you aim to enhance your business and network scalability or streamline the IP acquisition process, HTS offers a straightforward and efficient IPv4 leasing solution. Experience the simplicity of leasing IPv4 addresses through our cost-effective process. With dedicated support, our IP Leasing Service ensures your network can easily adapt to evolving demands.

HTS prioritizes network scalability, offering a range of lease choices supported by expert assistance.

Offer Global geo-location of IPv4 addresses

IPv4 addresses originate from various countries, and we are prepared to cater to a global network.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I lease IP addresses for?

It ranges from one month to as long as 8 years.

Can I lease a specific number of IP addresses or only entire blocks?

For technical reasons, you can lease IP addresses only in the C class.

How does HTS determine the cost of leasing IP addresses?

Based on the current market trend, we offer the best services with the most favorable pricing.

Can I lease IPv4 addresses/subnet for specific industries or purposes?

Our IPv4 addresses/subnet can be used in any legitimate businesses. Unlawful or malicious usages are absolutely prohibited.

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